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•Relax on a comfortable ergonomic bed shaped and cushioned for relaxation.
•Enjoy the full body heat system providing deep heat to the back.
•Thermal Dry Heat is used giving an 'even-flow' dry heat exchange air shower.
•Temperatures are adjustable and precise with ambient temperature control.
•Breakthrough results are achieved with intense powerful and safe Coloured LED light energy with wavelengths that can exceed 660nm that are safely infused into your body creating the desired response
•Provides near-infrared light for thermal and circulatory benefits.
•Vibration Massage is customizable for deep relaxation of back and neck muscles inside the capsule.
•Aromatherapy System provides further holistic or sensual complements to any treatment session.
•Germicidal lamps ensure cleanliness.
•Cool Air face fan helps cool the head and face for extended body sessions.
•Ninety Nine Percent Pure Oxygen (FDA approved) is circulated via a medical grade oxygen generator system for circulation inside the chamber for whole body and/or the face treatments.
•This Pure Oxygen increases the benefits by 50%-200% via the various combinations in wellness treatments.
•Oxygen is the key to rejuvenation and encouraging healthy cell composition, mental alertness, increasing physical stamina, boosting your immune system and bringing long term the health benefits you desire.




The world's first whole body LED light capsule creates a new category of holistic body treatments and improves targeted results by 50%-200% via the various combinations of, LED light, oxygen, and heat energies for traditional spa treatments.                                                                                              
Light energy is the most natural and non-invasive therapy. The different light wavelengths are integrated into the Alpha LED Light-Spa and blended to achieve different effects. 
The National Institute of Mental Health has done studies showing that our mental health, behaviour, and general efficiency in life depends to a great extent on normal colour balance.
Light flows through our eyes and triggers hormone production, which influences our entire complex biochemical system. This biochemical system then affects our whole being. When something goes wrong, or is out of balance, we can strengthen our energy centers through the use of light & colour.
The Alpha LED OxyLight capsule has pre-set programs to perform an exciting range of body treatments and physical stimulation therapy treatments featuring 99% Pure Oxygen for the body and face. This system combines ground breaking whole body high intensity LED light modules, that produce light in four colors of the visible spectrum (R/G/Y/B). These colors are then combined to create healing effects of many different colors.   

Inside the chamber, six alternative healing therapies are combined:                                                                                                                                            * Light Therapy

 * Thermal Dry Heat Therapy

* Aroma Therapy                                                                                    

* Colour Therapy

* Vibrational/Massage Therapy

* Oxygen Therapy

It is the world's first whole body machine that performs both LED Light Therapy and/or Physical Therapy, Oxygen and Infrared Heat...for faster improved results to help attain your personal goals.                                                                                



          *   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   *   Fibromyalgia   *   Sleep/Insomnia   *   Seasonal Affective Disorder   *   Pain Relief - Chronic or Acute  

          *   Increased Circulation   *   Vitamin D   *   Detoxification/Cellulite   *   Cleansing/Balancing   *   Relaxation/Stress Reduction     

          *   Meditation/Calming   *   Energy/Revitalize    *   Skin Care   *   Weight Loss/Metabolism   *   Weight Management

          *   Immune System Boost   *   Full Body Oxygenation   *   Color Therapy   *   Aromatherapy   *   Body Wrap   *   Clarity/Harmony