This non-invasive treatment is performed with the edge of a scalpel and is a technique that has been around for 30 years.  Dermaplaning allows the other treatments such as peels to penetrate the skin deeper and therefore be more effective.  The procedure is absolutely simple, painless, requires no downtime and is perfect for all skin types!

Even after just one treatment, clients are wowed by the resulting baby smooth, clean and glowing skin by releasing trapped dirt and excess oil.  The removal of the "peach fuzz" is an added bonus , providing a fresh, dewy look to the skin and allowing makeup to apply effortlessly (and no the hair does not grow back thicker)!  It also helps improve pigmentation or acne scarring.

While dermaplaning is an incredibly safe procedure, it should only be performed by a clinician with specialized training in the technique.  We are certified by The Plastic Surgery Skin Care Clinic in Toronto to use this treatment.