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Why is elōs™ the best choice for hair permanent reduction?

elōs™ (electro-optical synergy) uses a combination of BiPolar Radio Frequency and Laser light to isolate the treatment area leaving the surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects. Using gentle pulses of two energies delivers better results with lower overall energy output. This assures the highest level   of safety and comfort.

elōs™ uses “Vortex Heating” to target and disable the hair follicle. Laser energy first heats the hair shaft, then the Vortex is created as the RF energy encircles and heats the hair follicle. This disables the hair follicle itself and not just the hair shaft. Treatment with elōs™ technology also helps to renew collagen and brings you healthier-looking skin with no downtime.


Your days of waxing, plucking and shaving can finally become a thing of the past.  Thanks to elōs™ technology, you can enjoy sleek, bare skin without having to suffer the pain and risks of older hair reduction systems. elōs™ unique combination technology offers a gentle, long lasting solution to unwanted hair on the face, back, legs, underarms, bikini or any other body area.



Is elōs™ hair reduction safe?
All of the lasers in our clinic have been specifically chosen because they have been proven to provide safe and effective treatments.
FDA approved laser hair removal with elōs™ technology is a superior hair removal solution all skin types. elōs™ is effective for lighter hair colors that other systems miss! 

How many treatments are required?

Most areas require 4-8 treatments, but the number of treatments each person requires depends on various factors such as hair color, thickness, the area being treated and growth cycle. elos™ Laser treatment works by disabling the hair that is in the active growth phase at the time of treatment. Since other hairs will enter this active growth phase at different times, additional treatments are necessary to disable all hair follicles in a given area of the body.           



·         Do NOT tan, sun bathe, use spray on or self-tanners or solariums for approximately 14 days prior to Laser hair removal.

·         Limit exercise or activity that generates excessive body heat for 4 hours prior to the procedure.

·         Shave the target area the evening before your scheduled appointment.

·         Do not tweeze, wax, have electrolysis 30 days before Laser Hair removal treatments. Instead, you can shave the areas being treated.

·         Discontinue use of sugars and exfoliating creams 14 days before your appointment.

·         You must NOT have had any injectables or be using resurfacing products (Retin A, AHA, Glycolic Peels) within 14 days of treatment.

·         Remove all deodorants, lotions and skin creams before treatment [it is best to avoid using skin products the day of your appointment].

·         Always use SPF 30 sun block on areas being treated.

·         You should arrive for your appointment with clean skin. There should be no lotion, makeup, perfume, powder, deodorant, antiperspirants, bath or shower gel, or

           oils present on the skin in the areas  

           to be treated. If you have applied a topical numbing gel or cream to the area to be treated, it must be thoroughly washed off before the start of treatment.

·         Discuss any medications with your therapist prior to each treatment.

·         If you become pregnant between treatments you MUST inform the therapist. Treatments will be suspended during pregnancy.



·         A SPF30 full spectrum sun block is essential.

·         A mild blushing and warm sensation may last 2 – 24 hours, up to 72 hours.

·         You can apply cold packs, a cool wet towel or aloe vera gel to soothe the area. Hydrocortisone cream may also be applied to soothe any itching.

·         Bathe or shower as usual. Treated areas may be temperature sensitive. Cool showers are recommended. Pat the treated areas dry.

·         Avoid excessive scrubbing, use of exfoliants, scrub brushes and loofa sponges until the treatment area has returned to its pre-treatment condition.

·         Avoid self tanning creams, sun exposure and use of tanning beds.                                               

·         Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzi tubs and excessive exercise for 48 hours following treatment.

·         If blistering occurs, apply antibiotic cream to the area twice a day until healed. Picking or removing scabs or crusting may cause infection or scarring.

·         Appearance of stubble or hair growth will continue for 7 to 35 days after treatment. This is not new hair growth, but treated hairs being purged from the skin.  Do

           not tweeze or pluck these hairs.

·         Hairs that were in the resting phase at the time of treatment may enter the active stage in one to six months depending on the body area.   Consult your therapist

          regarding your next appointment.