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What will Hyperbaric Oxygenation do for my skin?
When given in high concentrations, hyperbaric oxygen triggers the bodies' own natural healing functions and the skin will rapidly respond and heal itself in such a favourable environment. Fine lines and wrinkles will "plump up" when the skin is given the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Elasticity, suppleness and a healthy glow are just some of the benefits of oxygenation and aid in anti-aging and rejuvenation of the skin.
What if I have a skin condition or Acne?
 Skin that is treated with pure oxygen more effectively fights bacteria that is associated with acne and other skin conditions because in an oxygen rich environment, bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections do not survive. If oxygen levels are low, it is harder for the skin to rid itself of impurities. However, with a rich concentration of pure oxygen, the skin and the body as a whole will be able to function better and more efficiently for healthier, smoother, glowing skin.
What happens during the Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial Treatment?
 The treatment begins with a deep cleansing followed by the infusion of nutrients, antioxidants, hydrating activators and serums carefully selected especially for the needs of your skin. The treatment is then finished with toners and a selected moisturizer.
How does the infusion of oxygen rejuvenate my skin?
 Gentle hyperbaric pressure infuses the skin directly with pure oxygen, hyaluronic acid (naturally occurring in human skin), and rich serums of vitamins "a", "c," and "e". During an oxygen facial treatment, hyperbaric pressure gently sends the pure oxygen, nutrients and vitamins to a deeper layer of the skin. As a result, old cells are rejuvenated, new cells are encouraged and your skin will feel smoother, firmer and younger. Lines and wrinkles will "plump" and your skin will be left with a younger looking healthy glow.
How many treatments do I need to start seeing results?
 You will have noticeable improvements with the very first treatment! If you just want a quick "pick me up" for your skin, single treatments are beneficial and will refresh your skin for special occasions such as weddings, graduation, photography sessions or just simply a well deserved treat for yourself! 
The hyperbaric oxygen facial is also a "cumulative treatment" that can be performed once a week to reach an optimum result. Thereafter you may want to do monthly maintenance facials to keep up the oxygenation and hydration of your skin. The Oxygen Facial is especially effective when combined with Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion or Lumi8 Phototherapy and BioCrystal Masque.